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HR Business Partner Support

At Adastra HR, we understand that building relationships with your clients as well as internally with your employees is a top priority to ensure the sustainability of your business. While Adastra HR would seek to coach and support your management team so conflict situations are proactively avoided, when the need arises, we are on hand to provide qualified, professional and practical advice on a wide range of issues, ranging from day-to-day employee-related issues to the management of complex situations, such as:

  • Disciplinary
  • Performance Management
  • Absence Management
  • Grievance
  • Family-related leave
  • Appeal hearings
  • Tribunal Claims
  • Workplace Mediation


We understand that workplace disputes can be very costly and resource-consuming so we can provide you with practical design and delivery of management skills training, to minimise the risks of workplace conflict.

Experts in communication, we can work with you to define a tailored employee communication and engagement strategy, help you set up attractive and affordable pay and benefits plans and guide you with employee retention programme.

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