What makes Adastra HR Different?

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As a small business owner, it’s likely you’ve attempted to navigate the world of HR at some level before. So many of our clients say it feels like they’ve been wading through treacle – although they have the best intention to ensure they have the right support in place for their people. Managing that as well as the day to day operations of their business is near impossible!

Why do you need HR support?

Although it’s likely you’re the one currently wading through treacle, there are also many business owners who tell us they don’t need any form of HR support – whether that be due to a small number of employees; replacing people managers with software systems; or simply feeling the business can operate efficiently without this business critical support. It’s ironic but we often meet these people after the worst has already happened, and they need us to be their ‘firefighters’ and limit the damage as effectively the “horse has already bolted”.

The dangers of not having legally compliant HR policies or people management processes in place are real! If something goes wrong it’s costly, stressful and will distract you from focusing on what earns you money.

HR support is necessary and valuable in any small business to ensure you never need to firefight in the first place – good HR support helps you ensure that your people are well looked after from the moment they begin working for you.

Adastra HR – an HR Consultancy with a difference

Our approach is about providing business owners with HR solutions, allowing you to get on with what you do best. We aim to leave you feeling confident that we have your back. Treat us as though we are your own HR department sitting in your office!

Our support is customised to suit your individual business needs. We understand that no two businesses are the same, so a standard call centre “off the shelf” service is just not what you really need. We provide true HR business partner support along with a library of customised essential ‘must have’ and “best practice” documents designed to meet the “people” needs of any business, regardless of industry or sector.  This support is designed to protect your business, its people and to reduce risk and liability of possible tribunal claims. Once we have completed an HR Health Check for you, and customised your HR system, how we support you from there is flexible and down to you.

How do we work with you?

Think of us as your “HR Team” and imagine we are in the room next door in your office.  We work with you  to establish solid HR processes which both protect your business and allows your people to thrive and develop.

Our Adastra USP: our clients will never be “an account number” We do not have a call-centre approach – we know our clients, their business and take pride in knowing their people. When you work with us, wherever humanly possible you will receive face-to-face support as well as by phone, skype and email.

Our team of Adastra Superstars

Our team are the key to what makes us stand out from the crowd. We have a number of highly qualified HR experts on our team who will always go the extra mile for a client to make sure they are receiving the support they need.

The camaraderie amongst our team is infectious, and we have many clients calling us for a cheerful chat to see how the Adastra HR team are doing! We’ll always welcome your call.

To top it off, catch the team on a day when The Chairman (aka Oscar, our resident pooch) is in the office,  and you’ll be greeted with a frantically wagging tail as long as you have gravy bones at the ready!

Like what you’ve read?

If it sounds like Adastra HR could be your new HR support team, we would love to have the chance to buy you a coffee and talk more – visit our website at www.adastrahr.co.uk or get in touch on 0330 113 0925.