Discovery Insights

Discovery Insights

With our very own accredited insights practitioners now in-house, we can take you and your team on a self-awareness journey, building to help your people understand themselves, understand others and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace!

Discovery Insights Solution

Based on the psychology of Carl Jung, Insights uses psychometric tools and a four-colour model to help employers and employees alike by building essential soft skills. These skills include; collaboration, communication and leveraging collective strength while also identifying their strengths and weaknesses, communication, and individual working styles. 


Improve Team Dynamics

The service’s main aim is to provide businesses with the tools and opportunities to improve their team dynamics (whether in the office or working from home, or a combination of both) to improve employees’ performance, relationships, and the overall working environment. Of course, in today’s climate, with the normal way of working disrupted globally,  people are adjusting to working in hybrid teams (some even as new starters) making it more critical than ever to stay connected. 

See what our amazing client Clear Vision had to say  about their recent Insights discovery activity (on the adjacent image), hosted by our MD, Ali

Alison Daymond, Managing Director of Adastra, said:

“Insights Discovery is a great way of helping employees reflect upon themselves and to identify their own personal communication style – as well as recognising the strengths and values they can bring to the team. This builds an understanding of each other’s communication preferences and how they can work best in the office and at home. If employees’ understanding of each other improves, by learning their communication preferences, strengths, and style of work, the team’s level of collaboration, communication, and productivity will increase. This will only result in a stronger higher performing team and business as a whole.”

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